Songwriting Workshop


Do you write your own songs and accompany yourself on piano or guitar, but would like to improve your songs? Do you want to be challenged to work on your texts and arrangements and let them become even better? Mattijs can help you!



Mattijs graduated from the Amsterdam Conservatory and has been active in the music and theater world as a songwriter for years. “From experience, I know how much effort it takes to put your heart and soul into a song, but also how important it is to theoretically and professionally looking at your material. Therefore I offer in co-operation with Music For Life from now on Songwriting workshops…”, says Mattijs.

The workshop consists of four sessions in which you will work intensively on your own songs. Whether you’re a beginner songwriter and play in your small room or advanced songwriter who performs for the public, whether you write English or Dutch texts, the tools to write a good song are universal!

The workshop is given to a group of 5 -6 participants at music school Music For Life. You will listen together to each other’s work and look at areas where there is room for improvement. Besides working on your existing material, Mattijs will on the basis of specific tasks stimulate you to write new material.

The workshop costs 125 Euros p.p. incl. VAT!

So do you want to get started to work on your own songs, click here to sign up!

The days and times will be determined together with the participants…