The name of our school is "Music For Life". That’s not only because it’s a fancy name for a young and dynamic music school, but there’s another reason behind it. Every single member of the Music For Life team believes that music is a basic need like air or water in our lives. If you share the same feeling and our passion for music then for you Music For Life is the right place to be. Our teachers graduated from prestigious conservatories in the Netherlands and continue to develop and advance as musicians. They are well aware of the difficulties a musician faces on the road to finding his/her own “voice” and sound and to creating a musical identity of his/her own.. Our teachers are also performing musicians.. This stage experience combined with their educational background allows them to impart their knowledge and experience to the students and creates an environment where theory and practice meet.


To provide an outstanding and affordable music education to students of all ages and musical levels; to help them find their voice and enrich their life with music.


Music is an important part of life and can make a difference in everyone’s life. Music education can promote self­-confidence in children, help them work in groups and individually, and can help both parents and children during those difficult adolescent years and/or who come from difficult family backgrounds. For adults, it can help alleviate stress, encourage creative thinking, bring some fun into their lives and promote self­-confidence. For professional musicians, a good music education can help improve their weak points and make it easier to express their musical ideas. For all these different groups, we design tailor­-made education to help the individual in the most efficient and effective way.

International Identity

Amsterdam is a city where 178 different nationalities and cultures gather. Music For Life respects and understands the international identity of Amsterdam and that’s why we are the most expat­-friendly music school in Amsterdam. If and where possible, lessons are given in a variety of different languages, which allows for better and easier communication between teachers and students who may themselves be expats or born to an expat family.

Our Partners and Special Projects

Eigen Haard – Neighbourhood Partner Project

Music For Life works with Eigen Haard as a neighbourhood partner in Landlust, Amsterdam. There are neighbourhood choirs and neighbourhood bands for Landlust residents who can take part free of charge for them. The idea is to bring the people living in Landlust together and give them the opportunity to share more through music.

If you are living in Landlust, Amsterdam and are interested in taking part in these projects, click here for more information or to apply.

Dirk Witte

Dirk Witte is one of the oldest musical instrument shops in Amsterdam. For 75 years, they are serving the best quality to their customers in the Netherlands. All Music For Life students are given a special 5% discount at Dirk Witte shops to buy an instrument, amplifier, etc. The discount is not valid for accessories. Click here to visit the official Dirk Witte website.

Broekmans & Van Poppel

Broekmans & Van Poppel is the major music bookshop in the Netherlands. If you are looking to learn methodology, or just want some sheet music, then Broekmans & van Poppel is the place for you! All Music For Life students are given a special 5% discount at Broekmans & Van Poppel shops. Click here to visit the official Broekmans & Van Poppel website.


Music For Life is always looking for talented, enthusiastic and dedicated teachers to join its academic staff. If you’re interested, send your resume to vacatures@music4life.nu