Music Workshops for Corporations

Music For Life offers percussion, band and choir workshops for corporations!


The workshops can be designed:

  • to help the HR departments for the team building in the company
  • to encourage creative and out-of-the-box thinking
  • to bring some fun into the stressful daily business routine
  • to improve the communication skills of employees
  • to improve the performance skills of employees

Many people think that a musician's life is totally different than a businessman. Well let us tell you a secret: IT'S NOT! Imagine you're playing in an orchestra or a band as a musician. You work with a band leader or a conductor (manager/director) and you need to play with your fellow musicians in harmony and also have a good communication with them while you are working together (colleagues). You need to rehearse really hard before your concert or tour dates to give your best performance when the spots are on you on the stage (projects//tasks/deadline). If you're a band leader or conductor you have to be leading a group of musicians between 1-100 to make them sound great (management skills). It's maybe sometimes a bit more fun way of doing the same things.

Call us or send an email to get more information about Music For Life Corporate Workshops. We make an appointment to understand the needs of the HR department and design the workshop together with them to get the most out of it!