Instrument and Singing Lessons

Do you want to learn to play an instrument? Do you want to learn to sing better? Our team will help you to realise all your musical dreams!

The name of our school is "Music For Life". That's not only because it's a fancy name for a young and dynamic music school, but there's another reason behind it. Every single member of the Music For Life team believes that music is a basic need like air or water in our lives. If you share the same feeling and our passion for music then for you Music For Life is the right place to be.

All our teachers graduated from prestigious conservatories in the Netherlands and they already walked and are still walking on the long path to become a good musician. They all know the difficulties a musician would face during this journey to find his/her own voice, to create a musical identity and to learn the skills. The teachers share all their experiences with the students and show them maybe some hidden shortcuts on that path they already discovered. They are also all performing musicians so they have also the stage experience. The academic background and the stage experience creates a more balanced mix where theory meets the practice.

There are private and duo lessons at Music for Life and larger group lessons are not being given so as to focus on the individual and his or her musical training. Only ensemble, choir, percussion lessons and  music lessons for children are group lessons.

The lessons are 45 minutes long. Only for the students younger than 14 it's possible to choose 30 minutes lessons.

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